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From small beginnings comes great things

History of academic programs

Institute of materials engineering, National Pingtung University of science and technology,
Cultivate excellent material master talents for Taiwan’s science and technology industry.
In 2017 , we will start a bachelor’s degree program in Undergradute Program in Advanced Materials, and recruit high school students and vocational high students at the same time.
The purpose of this program is to cultivate high-tech talents in the field of advanced materials, take into account both theory and practice, and lead the seeds of advanced materials to gradually become professional talents with the concept of “4 + 2 mentors”.
This program focuses on the “four aspect” concept of “Experimental, Implement, Practice, Fieldwork“, and extends to the cultivation of master’s class talents. Professional master’s and doctor’s class teachers are employed to give consideration to the teaching of theory and four practice, so as to lay a solid foundation for students.


The basic concept of bachelor’s degree program is provided to you. I hope you will know more about……

[program graduates are the same as department graduates. After graduation, they all obtain bachelor’s degree with university degree]

A degree program is an independent teaching unit, equivalent to a department.
There is no difference between bachelor’s degree programs and general departments. 

Students can obtain a bachelor’s degree with a total graduation score of 128 credits and passing the relevant graduation threshold.
The length of schooling is the same as that of the Department, which is 4 years.
The curriculum planning of bachelor’s degree programs focuses on practical learning and experience, and arranges students to know more about the future employment direction and planning after graduation in the curriculum planning.

History of Research Institute

The Institute focuses on the integration and application of advanced materials technology, and cultivates senior professional research talents to enable them to have the ability of material detection and analysis and material process research and development.
In order to match and enhance the R&D and design capabilities of Taiwan’s industry and academia, enhance the level of technical research, and timely meet the needs of the industry of materials technology of R&D and process integration talents.

At present, we are also actively building a technology and application-oriented research and talent cultivation environment for electronic ceramics, nanotechnology, MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing.

Founded in August 2003, it was named “Institute of Materials Engineering” and enrolled one master’s class.

In August 2006, a four-year class was set up in the day department, and it was renamed “Department of Materials Engineering”.

In August 2010, the recruitment of one class of four-year program in the daytime department was suspended, and it was renamed “Institute of Materials Engineering”.

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